Design of steel structures

Steel buildings, bearing elements and other steel structures we usually make a total design of, within local standards and norms. Our projects we always start from preliminary concept according to given loads and other factors. In most of our projects we make a furthermore a 3D model (IFC/TEKLA or similar software) and afterwards we generate the workshop and assembly drawings. Under designing process we always take care that the total weight is optimized and solutions suit the installation process and transport possibilities. In Norway we have valid Central Approval for designing works (Sentral Godkjenning) thanks to our knowledge and plenty of reference projects.


  • In accordance to local norms and standards
  • 3D modelling (Tekla,Revit)
  • Optimisation of technical solutions and weights
  • Close cooperation with Architects, RIB, local engineers
  • Calculations and detail design of cladding
  • Calculations of fasteners for steel and cladding’

Through many years we have delivered plenty of small projects up to over many hundreds steel buildings, factories, logistic warehouses or sport halls. We have been also working as a subcontractor in part of designing works for scandinavian structural offices.